It is not unusual for high profile sports stars around the world to develop an interest in playing casino games. Many sports stars are intensely involved in playing casino games including poker, sports betting through places such as BetOnline, blackjack and slots and proved their place in the world of gambling. There are also passionate sports celebrities who visited worlds most reputed casinos for playing their favorite casino game. Each sports star has a favorite game which becomes a favorite activity when in leisure and Cristiano Ronaldo is no exception for this gambling attraction.

The celebrity football player with millions of fans across the world is a passionate poker player. However, not many of his supporters are aware of his passion for poker game and believe that only football is his game.  The football megastar who played for Real Madrid for nine golden years now part of Juventus has taken part in numerous poker tournaments and games over the years. It is not a surprise to see Cristiano developing an interest in poker as he was already into it from the age of 20. It all started as a pastime activity with friends and family, but with the advancement of his career in football, his interest in poker game also grew intensely.

The Sports Star started getting better and better at playing poker when he found out that the skills required are similar to that of a football game. The strategies, techniques and wits of football which he already mastered applied to poker too, which made things easy for him. Regular practice and awareness of basic poker rules started to improvise his skills at the poker table.

Ronaldo’s passion for poker attracted PokerStars company to secure a deal with him to play and participate in poker tournaments in both online casinos and at Live poker events around the world, including Europe and Finland casinos. If you want to know more about what Finland online casinos are hosting poker tournaments and Live poker event, you can find out at The famous football player utilized every opportunity to visit and play in some of the world’s best casinos. He has competed against professional poker players including Aaron Paul and won tournaments to move up in the poker charts.

The champion league title winner for multiple times has spoken about his passion for poker game several times, and we heard him say many times that poker has always been his game and football is his sport. He enjoys challenging best players at the poker table but also loves playing it with his friends and family in leisure time.

May it be a football pitch or a poker table Cristiano is always up for best challenges which made him the best of both worlds. The football player is now 34 and is at the peak of his career may move into the world of poker on a more regular basis.

It is evident that the Ronaldo does not only win titles for European championships for Portugal and Juventus, but he wins them at poker tournaments and events too. The former Real Madrid player challenged Aaron Paul, a celebrity and professional poker player in a poker tournament at PokerStars.

Cristiano expressed that he enjoys playing poker like football as both the games are thrilling, exciting and throw challenges at the player. According to him the only game which provides equal excitement to football is undoubtedly poker. Ronaldo thoroughly enjoys the challenging situation which demands undeterred attention and skills to engage the opponent.

Ronaldo claims that he is yet to discover the poker completely although he has been assigned a brand ambassador role in the largest celebrity poker club of the world. He feels it is a privilege to be a brand ambassador of PokerStars company but is also a huge responsibility as it demands experienced and intermediate poker play skills at tournaments and live events. But most of his football and poker fans are excited to enjoy his special appearances in televised poker events and online poker tournaments.