I’m seeing the news today that dozens of people ESPN deems “talent” — loose definition of the world lol — are losing their jobs. I’m not remotely surprised. This was inevitable. ESPN’s subscriber base has dropped in recent years and it’s because of their liberal bias. That’s a fact. People like me who got sick of them forcing their politics and their lady announcers into the broadcast booth brought about what happened today. It’s a great day.

I’ll never forget when I decided I’d had enough. It was last September during the presidential race and while Colin Kaepernick was doing all of his kneeling. I was fed up with how he was disrespecting the troops, but ESPN kept going on about how he was trying to get attention for racial injustice in society. Yeah, our society seems really tough for athletes making $18 million a year. And then ESPN wouldn’t shut up about how he gave some of his money to charity, immediately exposing what side they were on. Biased!

That day I called my cable provider and told them I WANT TO CANCEL ESPN FROM MY CABLE PACKAGE BECAUSE THEY ARE TOO LIBERAL. The customer rep person told me that it wasn’t possible to cancel ESPN — sorry BSPN (bullshit lol) — from my cable package because it was part of basic cable. The only way to get rid of it would be to cancel my ENTIRE cable package and have no TV at all. They suggested I just don’t watch BSPN if I found it so offensive.

That wasn’t good enough for me. While I am offended by BSPN it’s TOTALLY not in the triggered/snowflake way, okay? It just makes me upset a lot. Very upset. Anyway, I wanted to send a strong message to them, so I went all-in … I cancelled my entire cable package right then and there. This is a totally normally thing to do that no doubt millions of people did to hit ESPN where it hurts.

Before I cut the cord, I briefly had second thoughts … by getting rid of my entire cable package, I could no longer watch sports of any kind — no Monday Night Football, or baseball, or college football or NBA on any network — but I was also cut off from Fox News and the comedies of CBS. That’s a big leap and a major lifestyle change. But then I remembered that Jemele Hill had tweeted something against Donald Trump and I went for it. I got rid of cable.

Since then I’ve been pretty cut off from the world. I heard that Bill O’Reilly is no longer on Fox News, so I definitely made the right decision. I’m not really tech savvy, so I don’t do a lot of streaming. BSPN supposedly has an app that shows live sports, but then you get their liberal agenda thrown in, too. NO THANKS. I wanted BSPN to stick to sports so much that I stopped watching sports — and everything else — forever.  Again, this is a normal reaction that no doubt millions have had and is the reason for today. Don’t by the liberal spin that this is actually happening because BSPN locked in billion dollar contracts with leagues years ago, only to see cord-cutting hit the entire media landscape, leading to lower subscription numbers for BSPN and every network. FAKE NEWS.

Anyway, I’m glad to see all those liberals losing their jobs because I didn’t like what they had to say about stuff. I also want to make the point again that I am not a snowflake who is easily triggered.


Just a Diehard Sports Fan Who Stopped Watching Sports Forever Because ESPN Made Me Mad


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