Your mom told you and your sister this morning that, yes, Jeff Fisher did spend the night last night and that you will probably be seeing a lot more of him for the next few weeks because he’s going through a hard time. She told you this at breakfast while Fisher was grabbing a shower in her bathroom.

“He lost his job, okay?” said your mom. “I know you kids haven’t always thought the best of him and that you want me to get back with your dad, but that’s not going to happen. Jeff is a nice guy and he treats me good and sometimes your mom gets lonely, you know? I want you kids to give him a chance.”

The conversation then quickly ended as Fisher trudged down the hall and into the breakfast room wearing boxers and one of your dad’s old t-shirts. He kissed your mom on the head and then sat down at an empty seat. “Your mom make you some good pancakes, Timmy?” he asked, calling you by the wrong name.

“Jeff, can I get you some coffee?” your mom asked the man who will very likely become your new step-dad, rising from her seat.

“You already got me a lot more than that!” he said, winking and slapping your mom’s behind as she stood up. “So you kids heading out to school in a bit?”

“Yes,” said your sister.

“Alright. Looks like the house will be empty,” said Fisher, rubbing his hands together. “Hey, you need a ride? I got a pretty sweet Trans-Am.”

“The bus will be fine, thanks,” said your sister, getting up to go to the bus stop 35 minutes early.

“Hey, how’s that coffee coming?” Fisher yelled into the kitchen as your mom emerged with a fresh cup.

“Kids,” she said. “Before you leave, I need you to watch yourselves tonight. Jeff is taking me to Outback for a nice dinner. We’ll probably be back sometime between 7 and 9.”

“Goddammit!” said Fisher, slamming his fist down on the table.

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