There have been some woeful fantasy performances by several of the top picks this season. David Johnson is out for most of the year, Le’Veon Bell has done nothing, Ezekiel Elliott ran for eight yards this week. This could be an amazing year for sucking. So let’s check in on who sucked the most in Week 2:

First up, reader Ryan L. submits this team that only scored 22.78 points this week. That is not good.

This is both a bad team and weird team. What is this Q/W/R/T position? Also, what person in their right mind plays Eli Manning at any position, let alone the Q/W/R/T position?

So let’s move onto a normal team that really sucked in Week 2. Behold this beauty, sent in by reader Aaron D.:

You think starting Josh McCown at quarterback is bad? I see your McCown and raise you two (2) Bengals running backs. Also, isn’t Eddie Lacy dead?

Thanks for all the sucking this week. Best of luck failing again in Week 3.

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