The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are currently on the lookout for a new quarterback as Tom Brady announced his retirement following his 22nd season in the NFL. It’s believed that the Bucs may wait until the sixth round of the NFL Draft to find his replacement.

Brady made a mockery of the fact a franchise QB needs to be taken in the first round of the NFL Draft as, back in 2000, he was selected 199th overall. Tampa Bay may pass on earlier players in the draft in April and instead wait for those who go off the board in the later rounds.

The seven-time Super Bowl winner was not an immediate starter when he joined New England in 2000, as he had to wait for his opportunity behind Drew Bledsoe. When the experienced QB was injured, Brady got his chance to shine and it was his performances that persuaded the Patriots to stick with him.

Whoever Tampa Bay picks up in the draft, they may not rush them into the league. Kyle Trask could be the first to be given a chance to earn the starting role as he was drafted last year and has had the benefit of working around Brady for a year. The former Florida player will know the Bucs’ playbook very well by now.

Trask could be of interest to many sports bettors next season in a prop bet offered on the Bucs. If he is the starter from week one, he has a chance of having a really successful year. The Tampa Bay QB could be taken to top Brady’s number of touchdowns from 2021 (43). That would some way to follow the GOAT.

First Overall Picks Often Flop Under Pressure

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers only have to look at the Las Vegas Raiders for a first-round quarterback pick that went wrong. Then as the Oakland Raiders, the franchise selected JaMarcus Russell as the first overall pick in the 2007 NFL Draft. He lasted just three years in the league, starting 25 games.

Russell, who was very impressive in college football at LSU, did not settle in the NFL. As soon as he arrived with the Raiders, there were problems over his contract, disputes with other players, and question marks around his work ethic.

The Cleveland Browns have had plenty of first-round picks that have gone wrong since 1999. They thought they were getting their franchise QB in the NFL Draft when they selected Tim Couch as the first overall pick. Although he led them to the playoffs in 2002, his career sadly fell apart.


Couch started just 59 games for the Browns before leaving in 2003 and serves as an example of yet another player who did not live up to his college career in professional football. Injuries did not help the former SEC Player of the Year, but it was not the sole reason for him failing to live up to his first overall pick tag.

The 2022 NFL Draft is going to be an important moment for the Buccaneers. They say a player like Brady comes around once in a generation, however, the franchise will be hoping they find the exception to that rule in April.