(SP) – The NFL Watt Brothers have announced they are offering a cruise to fans who want to “live and WORK like the Watts while cruising from the port of Houston to several Caribbean islands and back this June.” The cruise is the second offered by an NFL family, following the Gronk Party Ship cruise of last offseason.

“I saw what Rob Gronkowski did and I liked the general idea,” said Texans defensive star J.J. Watt. “But I thought: what if we changed it up a bit and instead worked our asses off and made a difference in the world at the same time? I don’t want to brag, but I think this will be the best cruise ever.”

While the Gronkowski cruise was promoted this way: “It’s time to PARTY, it’s time to ROCK, but more importantly, it’s time to get GRONK’D! Rob Gronkowski and his family want you to grab your sunnies, your swimsuits, your babes and your bros for one hell of a shindig sailing down the coast.” The Watt cruise promises: “You’ll never put in more work on a SUPPOSED vacation, testing your limits and pushing yourself to EXCELLENCE. When not working out, we’ll build houses for poor island people and the eat baked chicken and KALE. Best of all: our cruise boat is a U.S. Navy cruiser to support the TROOPS.”

The cruise will feature J.J. of the Texans, Derek of the Chargers and T.J. of the Steelers. The cost is $1,500 per person for the week-long cruise, but promotional materials say that “giving 110-percent is priceless.”