during Super Bowl 51 Opening Night at Minute Maid Park on January 30, 2017 in Houston, Texas.

HOUSTON – New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has faced increased scrutiny for his support of Donald Trump in the wake of the new president’s refugee ban and other executive orders, actions and behaviors that many on both sides of the political spectrum have characterized as destructive and even fascist. Yet Brady has refused to speak a negative word about Trump through it all and today shed light on his reasoning.

“I know Donald Trump mainly from meeting him at celebrity golf events,” said the Patriots quarterback. “I don’t really know him as a politician and I pretty much keep my focus 100-percent on football. I never watch the news or read the news or talk to people or overhear things or ever face any reality outside of football and what I’m trying to do in football. So as far as I know, Donald Trump is a guy who once told me I hit a good drive and now he is the president. I assume he is doing a fine job in that position unless I hear otherwise, and I have no idea how I would hear otherwise due to my laser focus on football.”

Trump’s popularity, while never high, fell sharply after the election and has continued to plummet since he was inaugurated. A survey by Public Policy Polling found that more than 40-percent of Americans are in favor of Trump being impeached just more than two weeks into his administration. But Brady claims he has no idea why that would be and plans to continue supporting the new president.

“All I know is what I know,” said Brady. “And things have been pretty great for me since he was inaugurated on … January 20th you said? Yeah, since then I won the AFC Championship and the Super Bowl and I’m still really rich and my wife is a model. So … yeah. I’m not sure exactly why anyone would expect me to speak out against President Trump. Oh, yeah, and he also complimented a four-foot putt I made at Doral a few years ago. I remember that.”

Patriots head coach Bill Belichick, who also vocally supports Trump along with team owner Robert Kraft, was less coy than Brady today in discussing his support.

“Why do I support Donald Trump?” said Belichick. “What kind of question is that? He’s a complete asshole who thinks rules don’t apply to him and wants to destroy everything. He’s my hero.”

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