(SP) – WWE chairman Vince McMahon moved forward on his plans to bring back the XFL today, announcing that his new league will offer video replay reviews “that put the NFL’s too shame.”

“You like replay reviews? You like confusing rules?” McMahon said. “We’re going to have the most confusing rules you’ve ever seen. And the majority of our game broadcasts will be replay reviews instead of actual action. That’s a promise.”

McMahon vowed the XFL will also one-up the NFL in making things harder than they have to be.

“The NFL can’t define a catch? Ha! That’s nothing,” said McMahon. “In the new XFL, you won’t even know what football is. Are we playing football? Is it golf? Are we painting? You’ll have no idea. It will be that much more extreme than the NFL.”

Court filings from this afternoon show XFL2 has already filed for bankruptcy.