(SP) – NFL draft prospect Derrius Guice said today that he was asked during the interview prospect at the NFL Combine whether he considered his mother to be “woke.”

“I was kind of taken aback by the question,” said the former LSU running back. “I’m not sure how it impacts my play on the field if my mother is aware of systematic racism, the ever-growing income inequality in this nation and how the judicial and prison system is broken for people of color. I thought they’d just ask me if, you know, I want to win and stuff.”

Pressed by reporters on who asked him about his mother’s wokeness, Guice eventually admitted it was the Philadelphia Eagles.

“They told me that they’re looking to find players who will fit their system, which they stressed is to do their best on the field in the ultimately meaningless game of football, and by doing so, opening pathways to make a truly meaningful impact on the world by fighting for social justice off the field,” said Guice. “That’s kind of the system I was used to at LSU, except we only did the football part.”

Guice said the Eagles also asked him how anyone could truly enjoy football in 2018 knowing the impact the game has on the bodies of those who play.

“They are extremely woke,” he said.