(SP) – The New York Mets have officially offered a roster spot in the minor leagues to Los Angeles Lakers rookie Lonzo Ball, general manager Sandy Alderson confirmed today. The Mets, currently 39-47 and 12 games out in the N.L. East, are offering to let the UCLA product start out in Triple-A, but have assured him he has a “very real chance” of being called up to the big club by September.

“I think what we’ve seen this year with Tim Tebow is that great athletes are great athletes,” said Alderson. “I know that Lonzo Ball has never played baseball, even in Little League. But I’m confident he can pick it up quickly. No offense to baseball players, but it’s obviously not that hard for good athletes. Tebow has been the best player in the Florida State League for a month.”

Alderson also admitted that part of the reason they’re reaching out to Ball is for marketing.

“This is a business and Lonzo Ball might be the hottest name in sports right now,” said Alderson. “Whereas I don’t know if I can currently name one player on our major league team and I’m the GM. I think David Wright might still be on the roster? I don’t know. Either way, adding Lonzo would really get fans in the seats. Just imagine a full September of Mets baseball with Lonzo Ball and Tim Tebow. We’d sell out every game and probably actually win more games.”

Sources close to the Ball Family say they are likely to accept the offer.

“Lavar was in the garage last night turning some screws into the soles of Big Baller Brand ZO2’s,” said a friend. “He said they’re the first Big Baller cleats.”