(SP) – The latest edition of J.J. Watt’s Reebok shoes went on sale at midnight last night, leading to long lines outside of the nation’s Kohl’s department stores. A Kohl’s representative said the JJ II’s trainer sold out in the first 20 minutes after doors opened.

“We were confident a collaboration between J.J. Watt and Reebok would do well for Kohl’s and it met and exceeded our expectations,” said Kohl’s spokesman Brad Smith. “They have the exact style and image that Kohl’s shoppers respond to.”

Watt was one of the shoppers in line at a suburban Houston Kohl’s late last night.

“I’m just waiting in line like everyone else because I’m not special and can stand here just like all of these smaller, less talented people,” said Watt. “And being up at midnight is not a problem for me because I was already awake grinding. I rise and grind every day at 5 a.m. and then don’t stop the grinding until 1 a.m. But that’s just me. I want to be the best.”

Shoppers say they love the new shoe — “I didn’t think there’d ever be a shoe better than the Curry 2s, but I was wrong,” said Gary Jones — but others did have some complaints.

“A good shoe from a very good man,” said Scott Smith. “But I was hoping they’d come in plain tan. These all-black ones are a little flashy for me.”