CHAPEL HILL, NC – MARCH 04: Grayson Allen #3 of the Duke Blue Devils reacts after making a shot against the North Carolina Tar Heels during their game at the Dean Smith Center on March 4, 2017 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)

BROOKLYN, NY – Duke’s Grayson Allen was named Player of the Game after the Blue Devils’ ACC Tournament-opening win over Clemson on Wednesday afternoon. The junior guard scored 0 points and had a single rebound and assist in addition to three personal fouls, but really made an impression by not kicking a single player in his 12 minutes of action.

“We’re not big into individual awards in this program, but I was really glad to see Grayson get recognized for his performance today,” said Duke head coach Mike Kryzewski. “He has heard a lot from the critics for the last few years, but he didn’t try to injury anyone in this game. Not a single person. His teammates are really happy for him, especially because he played some awful basketball today and that’s when he usually lashes out at others.”

Clemson head coach Brad Brownell said Allen’s performance did not go unnoticed by his team.

“I know I’ve got a locker room full of kids who are very grateful that he didn’t try to injure them,” said the coach. “I also think he had a big impact on the game, although his bad stats won’t show it. I think we were a bit caught off-guard when he went out there and just played basketball and didn’t try to cheap-shot anyone. We hadn’t game-planned for that.”

Allen said he appreciated the honor.

“Sure, anyone likes to be named Player of the Game,” he said. “But I wish you got a little trophy or something for it. It would be cool to bludgeon someone in the back of the head with a trophy.”

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