(SP) – Defense experts say that despite Kim Jong-un’s build up of North Korea’s weapons arsenal, there is no way the nation could level the White House with a missile on Wednesday while the Super Bowl champion New England Patriots are there.

“It’s not a possibility, sad to say,” said Robert Parkner, a defense analyst. “They are likely incapable of even hitting the West Coast, let alone destroying the Patriots in New England or Washington. It would have been the greatest collateral damage in the history of warfare, but I’m afraid it won’t happen.”

The Patriots are scheduled to visit the White House this week to be honored by President Trump, a close friend to owner Robert Kraft, Bill Belichick and Tom Brady. North Korea’s leader, who follows American sports, likely would love to wipe the team off the face of the earth.

“It’s probably the one humanizing aspect about Kim Jong-un,” said one North Korean expert. “Like all of us, he’d prefer if all the Patriots were dead.”

But while the team likely will not be wiped out by North Korea on Wednesday, experts say there is still hope.

“They will play in Oakland this fall,” said Parkner. “North Korea could definitely be able to get a missile to Northern California by then.”