(SP) – Mr. Met hit a new low after being fired as the mascot of the Mets today, streaking the field during the sixth inning of an afternoon game between the Brewers and Mets at CitiField.

The baseball-headed creature was quickly chased down and tackled by stadium security, vomiting alcohol and the contents of its stomach when it was slammed to ground. Mr. Met has been charged with criminal trespass. Authorities are also weighing a charge of brandishing a weapon, after a t-shirt cannon was found in his possession. He was authorized to use the weapon as the team’s official mascot, but is no longer allowed to carry it now that he has been fired.

“Thankfully we were able to take him down and get him out of there before it got out of control or before he hurt someone,” said Robert Davis, the director of security at the stadium. “I’m also glad he was wearing underwear. No one wanted to see his furry foam penis flopping around. There are kids here.”

Mr. Met has been booked in jail and will be kept there until he has sobered up.

“We called Mrs. Met to come and get him,” said Sgt. David O’Neal of the NYPD. “But she said they are not together right now. It’s sad, but I haven’t seen a sports celebrity fall this far this fast since Tiger Woods.”

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