(SP) – Donald Trump, Jr. is alone now. After receiving the full support of President Trump’s base despite emails confirming he gleefully took a meeting with a woman he believed to be a representative of the Russian government with damaging information on Hillary Clinton, that backing has quickly vanished. A story today from the New York Times reveals Don, Jr. willingly met last fall with then-49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

“It is one thing to want to collude with Russians in a presidential election,” said Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, on the news that Trump, Jr. met with Kaepernick at Trump Tower. “It is completely another to openly consort with an avowed enemy of the United States. I will push the Justice Department to file charges.”

Trump, Jr. and Kaepernick had a meeting that lasted approximately 20 minutes on October 28 of last year during San Francisco’s bye week. The son of the president was contacted via e-mail by a Kaepernick associate who said the quarterback “didn’t like Hillary Clinton either and would like to talk about it.” Trump, Jr. responded: “I love it,” and stated that he hoped the campaign could use Kaepernick to draw black voters.

But Trump, Jr. says today that the premise of the meeting was a “bait and switch.”

“Kaepernick showed up and, while he said he didn’t want to vote for Hillary, he went right into this hole thing about how their is systematic racism in our society and that whoever is president needs to address it and also how law enforcement polices minority communities,” said Trump, Jr. “I wanted nothing to do with that and as soon as I realized that’s all he was going to talk about, I ended the meeting.”

But that’s not enough for many conservative who say that Trump, Jr.’s willingness to even speak to Kaepernick is worthy of prosecution.

“I’ve supported the Trump family from the very start, through all the talk of collusion and corruption and lies and attacks on people of color, women and the environment, ” said Fox News host Sean Hannity. “But I have to take a knee when it comes to the quarterback who takes a knee. I’m out.”

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