Just when you thought it might be a one-time thing last year, the Los Angeles Lakers are at it again, dominating hoops and leading the Western Conference in the NBA. It’s no secret they wouldn’t be where they are today without LeBron James, and his beard, which is the unmistakable facial adornment that makes him the self-appointed “King” of basketball.

Indeed, such is the potency and power of that beard, the Lakers are once again the outright futures favorites and are priced at +240 in the championship NBA betting at BetOnline. They clearly know those brilliant bristles give LeBron and the Lakers an edge, and who in their right mind can wager against the whiskers?

Beardly Evolution

Did you know, such is the magnificence of the LeBron James’ beard, that in 2018 USA Today published an entire special feature, dedicated to its growth and evolution over the years? It actually chronicled his facial hair growth in full detail, from “2003: Mostly baby-faced LeBron!” to “2017: LOOK AT THAT THING GROW”, to when 2018 and the beard were then accustomed to its glory.

Then comes the uncomfortable moment when reading that article, it almost seems like the article writer wants to cuddle up to LeBron’s beard, stroke it affectionately, maybe even get a selfie in its company. Honestly, we couldn’t avoid shuddering just a little, because that’s perhaps taking beard fanaticism just a little too far.

Old Greybeard


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When he pitched up sporting a decidedly grey beard in the Disney bubble, as the 2020 NBA season reached its conclusion, LeBron’s facial hair sparked an interesting debate. Usually one of the most carefully manicured gents in professional basketball, Insider.com believed this might be a subliminal message on his part, maybe even hinting towards retirement.

Conspiracy theories aside, when old King James was packing his bags ahead of linking up with the Lakers at Disney, it might be due to a simple moment of forgetfulness. Underpants, check. Socks, check. Deodorant, check. Toothbrush, check. Just For Men Mustache & Beard… Damn, I knew I forgot to buy more of that, now there’s no time.

As we get older, sometimes the memory starts to slip and that’s all it could have been. LeBron had a forgetful moment and simply forgot one of his image accessories. It’s the kind of mistake that could happen to any man packing their bags, perhaps while doing other things at the same time. Only women are truly capable of multi-tasking, it’s a well-known fact of life.

To Beard or Not to Beard?

That is the question. Unlike his earlier years in the NBA, these days it’s hard to imagine LeBron without his perfectly coiffured beard, greatly admired by millions of adoring fans around the world.

It’s also the key to LeBron’s outstanding sporting success and that of the Lakers, unlike the unkempt mass gracing the lower face of James Harden, which is probably why the Houston Rockets are so bad. Maybe if he trimmed it just a little, they might do better.