Major league baseball MLB is a baseball organization and one of the oldest professional leagues in the United States as well as Canada. Many teams play in both the national and American leagues. This sport is loved by many just like best online casino usa games which is why we have decided to dig a little deep and just let you know about some of the best players in the history of MLB.

Babe Ruth

Ruth whose full name was George Herman is the greatest player in baseball history.  Also known as the greatest left-handed pitcher to ever exist. He led the league in home runs twelve times. He is also famous for being the first player to hit 60 home runs in a single season the record was standing for 34 years until it was broken by Roger Maris in 1961. He put up power numbers during his time that are unbelievable and has 7 World Series Championship to his name which is why he is a legend.

Hank Aaron

Famous for being one of the best dingers ever, this retired player made history fort hitting 755 home runs he passed Babe Ruth who had that title. He held the title for the dingers until 2007. The only player to have the 9.9 strikeout percentage. He has standing even up to date for most RBIs and extra-base hints as well as total bases.

Willie Mays

Popularly known as the hey kid was one of the best players of all time before he retired. This best center field was known for being good with both sides of the ball which gave him a great advantage over others. He won 12 gloves and was a home run leader four times. You can also visit sports betting Canada for more information and MLB betting picks.

Stan Musial

Musial was an outfielder and the first baseman who played for 22 seasons in the majors. He holds the second record of most bases of all time. Before his retirement he ked the cardinals in three championships. He has records for hits, runs scored and also doubles. He won the valuable player award three times, and also 7 batting titles.